Silkworks, Oulton Broad

This was built in 1930 and situated at the end of School Road and was occupied by the Alliance Artificial Silk Ltd. Between 1934 and 1938 Viscose Crepe Yarns Ltd owned the premises. By 1952 the TV Manufacturing Co Ltd (now Sanyo) moved onto the site and in 1953, the water tower was converted in offices.

Homestead, 40 Victoria Road, Oulton Broad

40 Victoria Road was built in 1896 and was situated in Carlton Colville until 1904. The first owner was John Goodall who was succeeded by his son Thomas Frederick Goodall in 1904. He loved there until 1930 when the house was acquired by Wollaston Buchanan and his wife Helen. In 1930 William Frederick Cockerill and his wife Claudia moved in.

In 1952 Arthur Simpson acquired the property and lived there until 1961 when the Hailey family acquired the house. Various members of this family have lived in this house until the present date (2005) including Alex Hailey between 1961 and 1967. Alick Hailey between 1967 and 1974 and Alexander Hailey from 1974 until the present date.

Colville House, Waveney Drive, Oulton Broad

Between 1855 and 1904 Colville House was in Carlton Colville. In 1855 it became β€œ institution for the imbecile children of the middle and upper classes” and was in the supervision of various superintendents between then and 1873 including Dr. Robert Clifton Foreman MD (1855), Dr. Daniel Meadows (1858), Dr. Tyerman (1864) and Dr. George Johnson (1868).

In 1873 it was converted into a private house and was described in 1875 as β€œa handsome white brick mansion the residence of George Riches Esq.”. George lived in the property until 1891 when it was acquired by John Lee-Barber a seed crusher and merchant. In 1900 John H. Easterbrook moved in followed by John James Stansfield and Minnie Alves in 1920. John Stansfield lived there on his own from 1927 to 1952 when East Suffolk County Council as Colville House Youth Club acquired it. It remained as a youth club until 1963 when Bolton and Paul bought it for use as restaurant premises for their staff. It was demolished in 1964.

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