Marina Theatre

The Marina Theatre was built in 1898 and was run from then until 1911 by Ernest A. Smith proprietor and manager. In 1912 Barnet Pareezer became the proprietor and manager (he lived on the opposite side of the road at The Alders between 1914 and 1919 and from then at 28 Gordon Road). In 1934 Associated British Cinemas Ltd (ABC) acquired the Marina and appointed F. R. M. Lee as manager. In 1972 EMI Cinemas and Leisure Ltd bought the ABC group. The Marina Theatre was bought and renovated by Waveney District Council in 1988.

Columbus Buildings, 17 Waveney Road

At the Lowestoft Borough Council General Purposes Committee held on 26th October at the Town Hall, planning permission (no 2973) was given to Messrs Adams Leak & Adams Ship Chandlers for a shop in Waveney Road. (Alderman Adam Adams declared an interest in this item). It was built by A. G. Beckett of Oulton Broad and designed by R. Scott Cockrell and was one of the first buildings with a steel construction in Lowestoft. The mural was incorporated into the building at the time of construction and was made of special hollow bricks. Their previous shop was in Suffolk Road and was on the site that became the library and is now part of Godfrey’s shop. Later on the firm expanded to become Universal Shipping Providers, Sail Makers and Ships Chandlers. It became Lowestoft Stores Ltd in 1913.

In 1927 Consolidated Fisheries acquired the building followed by Boston Deep Sea Fisheries Ltd in 1949. The Boston Putford Group remain there to this day (2008).

11 London Road North (Cypress House 1885 – 1902)

This was built in 1885 for Mrs. Jewitt Emms a baker. It continued as a bakers until 1919 run by Arthur Emms from 1902. From 1919 until 1938 the Prudential Assurance Co. Ltd owned it before being taken over by the Ministry of Labour and National Service women’s section. In 1952 Ford Jenkins the photographer acquired the shop. It is now (2005) a ladies hairdressers.

43 London Road North (Victoria Arcade to 1898)

This was built in approximately 1870 and was inhabited by 1883 by Spashett & Co toys, sports, wool, needlework, stationery and fancy goods repository. In 1934 it became Chain Libraries, stationers.

Further inhabitants of 115 London Road North (1888 – 1890 1 St. Anne’s Terrace, London Road)

From 1888 to 1892 Dr. William Arthur Shann Surgeon owned these premises followed by Ellen & Holt solicitors until 1909. From then until 1919 Knights Jones tailors made use of them. James Knights Jones also had a branch at Bridge Road Oulton Broad and was a Lowestoft Borough councillor. In 1919 Harrison Mowbray another tailor moved in followed by Linen House Ltd (Rose & Gladwell) who lasted until 1947. After Roberson’s moved out it was taken over by the Anglia Building Society later the Nationwide Anglia Building Society. At the present time (2005) it is owned by the Digital Phone Co.

Further inhabitants of 159 London Road North (1869-1890 15 London Road)

From 1869 to 1890 Samuel Money ran a jewellers & watchmakers here and lived above the premises. From 1891 to 1906 Curl Brothers drapers owned the premises. After Roberson’s moved out James Woodhouse and Son house furnishers acquired it. At the current time (2005) it is Poundstretcher.

5 Pier Terrace (Lorne House until 1898)

This was built in 1883 for J. Vincent wine and spirit merchant. In 1892 Herbert Cobbald draper moved in followed by Percy William Jefferies another draper in 1906. In 1919, Lacey & Lincoln builder’s merchants arrived and lasted until 1930 when Herbert Saunders confectioners acquired the property. In 1952 Robert J. Latten builder’s merchants bought the building and sold it to A. Young and Sons, Turf Accountants in 1967. R. V. and D. T. Fatter turf accountants succeeded them in 1970.

133 Bevan Street

This was built in 1898 for George Wesley Chadd trading as Yarmouth Stores – outfitters. It became Yarmouth Stores Ltd in 1906.

22 Suffolk Road

This was built in 1902 for Alfred Pryce followed by David Lark a tailor in 1919. In 1927 Alfred Parker acquired these premises followed by George Drew in 1938. It merged with 24 Suffolk Road in 1948 and was inhabited by Tubbs Son Hallett & Co. accountants (Tubbs Son Giles & Co. 1957)

24 Suffolk Road

This was built in 1919 for Tubbs Son & Co accountants and merged with 22 Suffolk Road in 1948. The firm became Tubbs Son Hallett & Co. in 1948 and Tubbs Sin Giles & Co. in 1957.

26 Suffolk Road

This was built in 1919 for Arthur Gouldby Steam Trawler owner and the Lowestoft Trawl Fish Salesman’s Association. It was acquired in 1938 Walter Cans commission agent and in 1948 by J. W. Searby compass makers. It is now (2005) occupied by the St..John’s Housing Association offices.

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