1 Melbourne Road

This shop was built in 1896 and run until 1908 by James Saul Robinson a pork butcher. In 1908 he became a greengrocer as well, the shop being taken over by his wife Susan in 1914. She ran it until 1919 when Henry Richmond who was described as a shopkeeper acquired it. Henry ran the business until 1953 when it was taken over by his daughter Georgiana. In 1957 James Wright another shopkeeper bought the business and ran it until 1958.

In 1958 the shop was separated from the flat above, C. W. Pitchers a commission agent (turf accountant) taking over the shop and Ronald and Doreen Neeve the flat. Julian Roux took over the bookies in 1970 leaving in 1974 when Ronald and Doreen Neeve occupied the whole building. Ronald and Doreen still occupied the building in 2003.

3 Melbourne Road

This house was built at the same time as No. 1 and was inhabited between 1896 and 1912 by Joseph Lambert who was described as a labourer. In 1912 Frederick Phillips moved in. In 1919 it was converted into a shop that was run by Jack Richmond. Jack is presumably related to Henry Richmond who ran the shop next door. In 1930 Mrs. Violet Phillips acquired the business and ran it until 1934. In 1934, a Mrs. Violet Richmond is listed as running the shop together with John Richmond from 1954 to 1958. It seems likely that Violet Phillips and Violet Richmond are the same person.

In 1958 the shop was converted into a house and acquired by John Ablett. He lived in it until 1983 when David and Michaela Martin moved in followed by John and Marie Davies in 1986. From 1999 until the present time (2003) the house has been occupied by Marie Davies.

29 High Street

This substantial property was built as a house in 1858 and was inhabited by John C. Kell until 1863. James Butcher a boat owner who lived there until 1883 succeeded him. Between 1883 and 1892 it was merged with 30 High Street and was run as a ladies school run by Miss Emma Elizabeth Smith as headmistress.

In 1892 it was converted into offices the first occupier being Herbert Frederick Smith, a collector of income and property taxes. George Stonham Tasker, the deputy clerk to St. Margaret’s parish church lived here between 1896 and 1900 In 1900 29 High Street was re-converted into a house and was inhabited by James Franklin Edwards until 1910, Ralph Foort between 1910 and 1922 and Mrs. Jean Dale between 1922 and 1947. In 1947 Robert Dale converted part of the property to set up in business as a boot repairer going into partnership as Dales Bros boot repairers in 1959.

In 1973 the property was converted back into a house being inhabited by Alfred and Dorothy Coggle. They lived here until 1982 when Elsie Baker inhabited it until 1984 followed by Gordon and Marie Bush until 1988. Between 1988 and 1993, 29 High Street was converted into 5 flats after which Denise and Tony Meades converted it back into a house in which they continued to live until the present time (2006)

30 High Street

Sir Thomas Allin who moved into Somerleyton Hall some time in the 1670’s after living in Normanston Hall lived in 30 High Street at some time before moving into Normanston Hall. In 1858 George Chapman a poulterer moved in, living there until 1867 when it was taken over by Richard Butcher, a fish merchant. Between 1872 and 1883 Richard Lowe a builder used these premises as his residence whilst his building premises were in Arnold Street.

In 1883 30 High Street was merged with No. 29 and run as a ladies school by Miss Emma Elizabeth Smith. In 1892 it was acquired by Lowestoft Borough Council and was the offices of the borough accountant Joseph Edward Cook who was also clerk to the school board. They sold it to Walter Hallam a solicitor who used it as his offices from 1906 to 1919. In 1919 John Currie MRCVS a “dog specialist” started using it as his surgery

In 1948 30 High Street was converted into a house by Albert Branson who lived in it until 1968 when it was bought by Frederick and Hilda Dawson. When Frederick died in 1973, Hilda stayed on at the house until 1982. At that time Thomas and Felicity Burkard followed in 1987 by Linda and Lord Martin bought the house. At the present time (2006) the house is inhabited by Patrick and Theresa Drew who moved in in 1992

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