Hello, my name is John Stannard and I would like to start to tell you the VERY LONG story of our building, the Lowestoft Civic Society and the Heritage Workshop Centre.

It all started In 1994 when Birdseye said to the Lowestoft Civic Society “would you like this building?” We said “HOW much” and they said £1.00. Although we had no money at that time (and still don't) we had a quick whip-round and said YES, the rest of the story will take time to tell over the next few months, but I feel the Story should start with the very ground we stand on, so please forgive me if we skip a few years to what we lovingly call the DIG (09/09/09 it is still turning up some super finds). Before we start a very special thank you to the Lowestoft Archaeological Society and Paul Durbidge for all his hard work and dedication to this project over the years, also the many Friends that have come and helped since we started. All the Volunteers most you will meet as the story un folds, hope you enjoy this section.

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