The Island of Lothingland

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This publication is intended to investigate aspects of Lothingland’s history, using the information provided by the Domesday Survey of 1086 and the Hundred Roll taxation list of 1274. The statistics contained in these two major surveys are presented in a series of tables, with accompanying notes to follow, and (wherever possible) the two sets of data are cross-referenced with each other. This history of all the Island’s communities looks at landscape changes (with the help of three maps), patterns of settlement and land ownership, local government, manorial structure, the development of local trade, and family connections and affiliations. There is also detailed etymological analysis of all place-names and of the surnames of the people named in the Hundred Roll. The book is set out as a compendium of information relating to Lothingland, during a formative period in its history, and can either be read through from cover to cover or “dipped into” to find specific topics.

182 pages, in A4 size.

Recent Coments:

"A massive labour of love, which will be regarded as an essential work of reference for many years to come for anyone working on the Early Middle Ages in East Anglia.” (Professor Peter Warner, Homerton College, Cambridge)

"A very useful and pioneering way of presenting the data in usable form.” (Professor Christopher Dyer, University of Leicester)

"The detail packed into the book will be a stimulus to many historians who struggle with Little Domesday and the Hundred Rolls.” (Dr. David Dymond, Suffolk historian)

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